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A Fire Was Started - A Conversation On Racism

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

In my lifetime there have been a few key defining moments. Moments where you take a minute (or more) to decide a response that will reveal both your character and the direction you will go from then on. These last weeks have been unique, in that we all found ourselves in a defining moment. Collectively observing our character in regards to the racism both in and around us as well as for the future we deem best.

Ahmaud. Breonna. George. These are more than just names. These are people who have become sparks. Flashes of light that have started a blazing fire across the Earth. The indignation of injustice has been burning bright for weeks now in many hearts and one of the people who has stood out as a voice is my guest Blessing. She was quick to speak up when it wasn't popular to do so and has continued since. Not shaming but educating. Making room for those who know less about the issue and pressing forward with those who are better acquainted. I am honoured to feature her story today.

When I wrote Wildflowers I felt that it was meant to open up a dialog between the listener and God, as well as the listener and their closest relationships. That God has always wanted to be with us and that often means just being in the middle of the mess. Not because He has to but because He wants to if we'll invite Him in.

It quickly became obvious that Blessing (BLSNG) was the exact person who should be singing these lyrics with me. Little did I know that the "mess" would be regarding racism and that Blessing would become a voice that so many people would turn towards in a shaky time.

Blessing has become one of my favourite friends over the last few years. She's funnier than me, bold, eloquent and sings with runs I couldn't even think of. She really is as good as it gets in my books! So please enjoy these next few minutes of getting to know her through this video and I hope you are able to glean something in the process.

Racism, at this point, is a choice. Let's choose to love each other well.


Blessing (BLSNG) is an Artist & Worship Leader based out of Calgary, AB. She is really involved in her home church (Experience Church) where she leads worship as well as at Tehillah. When she's not doing that, she's probably at the hospital saving lives and ridding the world of COVID-19. As one does. She is passionate to fight against injustice and is incredible at creating space for conversation to learn and grow. She also happens to be the wittiest person you will ever have the pleasure of spending time with.

Be sure to check out her other music as well!

IG @ blsngmusic

FB @ Blessing Asebiode

Spotify/Apple Music @ BLSNG

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