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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

My goal in this blog is to let the story speak for itself. To let you and the storyteller share a space, even become friends, for a few moments. Steven marks our first video blog with his incredible story. I met Steven over 10 years ago now and we've been comrades through most of life's ebbs and flows since then. Steven's story is nothing short of being both powerful and inspiring. When I started the Wildflowers Blog, I knew you needed to meet him.

Take a look!

No one is immune from the hurdles life will bring. Sometimes we don't get to pick what we go through at all. All we get to control is our responses both during and after, deciding who we become. This is no light conversation and it is certainly not meant to trivialize the trauma some of us have endured. The goal is to make space for the walls to come down in each of our lives long enough to see that we aren't alone. To be invited into another's journey and find ourselves in their story.

As I will continue to say, you may never go through what our friends in this space have gone through. To be frank, I hope you never do. Yet there is always a light of hope reflecting towards us from the stories of those who've conquered their demons.


Steven is from Ottawa, ON where he lives with his wife Becky and 3 daughters. (Soon to be 5 daughters, they're expecting twins!) Steven is the President of the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association and also runs an initiative called the Arctic Hope Project. He's a rugby fanatic, loves adventure, cooks better than your mom and has a heart to raise up healthy young leaders across Arctic Canada.

Find him on FB and IG @stevencarleton

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