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Thank you for checking out Braden Scharfenberg's music and ministry. If you have any questions feel free to email him directly at - we look forward to connecting with you! Blessings!

A Quick Introduction

Braden Scharfenberg is a Worship Artist and Missionary under the umbrella of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and is based out of the Global Prayer House in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada. Braden is the worship director at the Global Prayer House but has a strong heart for missions and outreach. He often leads teams for months at a time to various nations and areas of both Canada and the world. Having seen over 15,000 people give their hearts to Jesus in the last 4 years, with many documented miracles, Braden's heart burns for people to know the true love and reality of God. Through worshipping, teaching and one on one mentorship the goal of both his life and ministry is to lead people to Jesus and become more like Him in everyway. 

Through The Process

"Through the Process" is more than just a catchy phrase or album title, it's a statement. God is with you through whatever you are going through. Whether you can see his faithfulness at work or not He is right there with you, believing and hoping all things for your life right now. In fact, God sees where you will be! He knows the end from the beginning. This is not a form of hypergrace but rather an awareness that His plans for you are good and if you trust Him and lean on His truth, you will be made like Him. Little by little, day after day, becoming more like Jesus - as long as you don't give up. Because God won't give up on you.


Please check out Braden's music from his newest album below!

Lifter of My Head

Pearl of Great Price


Eternity's Dawn

You Never Leave (Spontaneous)

Live Worship

Check out this video of "Encounter" from the Pursuit Conference in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada! 

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