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Over All (BLSNG, Braden David) - Single

"Over All" is a collaboration with BLSNG that focus's on the heart to exalt God over every situation, fear or trouble. It's a joyful, heartfelt anthem that leads us all into the truth that He reigns above everything. We can trust Him with our lives and this song declares exactly that!

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Braden David - Wildflowers (Single Art).

Wildflowers (Feat. BLSNG) - Single

"Wildflowers" featuring Braden's good friend BLSNG (Blessing). This song is about allowing God and people into the far reaches of your heart and not being afraid of what you'll find. God got his hands dirty when he made people and he's never afraid to get into the mess of our lives. 

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All Your Colours Album.jpeg

All Your Colours EP - Tehillah Worship

"All Your Colours" is an exciting new release from Tehillah Worship! This is a collective of artists coming together to create a beautiful worship experience. Braden is featured on both "Beyond" and "Heaven's Kindness". 


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Beyond - Tehillah Worship - Single

"Beyond" is Braden's first track in partnership with a new collaborative of worship artists called "Tehillah Worship". This single is launching their upcoming album "All Your Colours" which is making its debut in Aug 2019!


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Together - Jaye Thomas & Chris Tofilon


"Together" is a collaborative project by Jaye Thomas and Chris Tofilon. This is an intimate, raw worship album that captures the integrity of both the music and the moment. Braden is featured singing "Eternity's Dawn" with Jaye in a very fresh and beautiful arrangement. 


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Through The Process - EP


Through the Process is 5 song's that were written to lift your eyes to Jesus and fill you with hope. Released February 2016 God has been using the songs in this album to bring many closer to Himself. Be sure to check out this new release available on itunes and more! 


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Eternity's Dawn - Single


Eternity's Dawn is Braden's first song released. It's an acoustic version of a song written out of intimacy and taken right from the pages of his journal. You will definitely be blessed by this song as it accompanies you in your secret time with God.


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